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Thursday, 10 October 2013

The NAV saga: Last chapter?

This week I was, in addition to receiving a letter from NAV, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (see previous posts on their repeated inability to deliver on what are my rights according to Norwegian law), getting a phone call from them, notifying me that the money they have owed me since May/June has now been paid.

See particularly my post August 30th, "NAV messes up again - pay for parental leave 3 months late, AGAIN". What happened since then was that I contacted NAV to ask for news - since they had not contacted me after the University of Stavanger contacted them to let them know about their mistake. I was then, in the beginning of September, promised that an officer would call me within 2 workdays to let me know what would happen, and when the 40.000 NOK or so they owed me would be transferred to me. The result? After 3 weeks I still hadn't heard a word... And sent them yet another reminder, plus asking them for info on how I can complain about their treatment of this.

PS: The lady who called me letting me know that the money had finally, 4-5 months late, been paid, did not say anything about how I can make a formal complaint.

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