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Monday, 28 October 2013

Contract for Norwegian-Estonian research project signed; employment and shared office agreed on

Tuesday last week the Partnership Agreement between University of Tartu and University of Stavanger was signed by Department of Health Studies' Head of Department Kari Vevatne, on behalf of the University of Stavanger. The 32 page document, which I had gone through with a research consultant at the university (we had a meeting October 15th) and signed with my initials page by page so as to confirm that I vouch for it, was then posted to Tartu. The contract regulates the research collaboration involved in the project "Animals in Changing Environments: Cultural Mediation and Semiotic Analysis".

As part of the project work - where I'm the Norwegian project leader - I will be employed in a 10% position from March 15th 2014 to April 30th 2016. During my meeting with my Head of Department she also confirmed that I'll get a shared office in the project period (starting next summer, until then I have my own office, based on my current employment contract).

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