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Saturday, 10 August 2013

To be supervised by experienced mentor; autumn courses being set up

A couple of days ago I participated in the introductory gathering for newly employed staff at the University of Stavanger, along with some 20 others. I was not the only one who has worked there for a while already (one and a half year in my case, plus a further 3 years as an external examiner). In the course of the next year I will, as part of the "NyTi program", be supervised by an experienced mentor, in form of six guidance meetings addressing topics of teaching and pedagogics.

This autumn, as the last, I'm giving two courses at Department of Health Studies - introductory philosophy for 200+ bachelor students in nursing, and a master course in philosophy of science and ethics, for health science students. I've done my first uploads and such to It's Learning, the digital learning environment used to interact with students.

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