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Monday, 28 June 2010

Brief report from Braga

I enjoyed being in Portugal very much (my first visit there).

The talks I liked the most were these:
1. Alexei SHAROV: "Functional information: towards synthesis of biosemiotics and cybernetics"
2. Günther WITZANI: "Biocommunication of cancer cells"
3. Marcello BARBIERI: "On the origin of language"

My talk ''We the living: The reception of Uexküll in Norwegian ecophilosophy" (focusing on Arne NÆSS and Peter Wessel ZAPFFE) was given Friday 25th at 11-11.30, and was subject to questions from Don FAVAREAU, Peter HARRIES-JONES and Jesper HOFFMEYER.

That same Friday I chaired the afternoon session (stepping in for Marcella FARIA, who was not there), which included these talks:
Dennis WATERS: "Von Neumann's theory of self-reproducing automata: A useful framework for biosemiotics?"
Siohoi IENG: "A biosemiotic formulation of survival strategies for robots"
Gérard BATTAIL: "Identity, species, order"
Peter BARLOW: "To life on Earth: Messages from the Moon"
Isabel FERREIRA: "Interactive bodies: The semiosis of architectural forms - a case study"
Ted BAENZIGER: "Alpha and omega: the oldest and newest example of interphylogenetic semiotics: the orchid"

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