Thursday, 4 February 2010

Visit scheduled with PolarZoo

I have scheduled a visit to PolarZoo, in Bardu, Northern Norway, March 8-11th. My contact is Stig Sletten, the primary animal caretaker.
PolarZoo, which claims to be "the world's Northernmost zoological park", is one of three (public) places in Norway with captive wolves. At PolarZoo some of them are so tame that they have physical contact with caretakers and some guests.
Later this year I will also visit Langedrag Naturpark, plus revisit Kristiansand zoo.
Remarkably, my visit to PolarZoo in March will actually be my first visit ever to Northern Norway! By car, it's 1.785 km from where I am currently sitting making these plans (I will go by plane from Oslo to Bardufoss, an hour's drive away).

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