Tuesday, 2 October 2018

References featured in Zeitschrift für Semiotik stylesheet

The English language stylesheet of Zeitschrift for Semiotik features two references to my research, based as examples.

Excerpt - example of block citation (pt. 3.7):
While there is no consensus on the terms agent and agency, most biosemioticians appear to agree that core attributes of an agent include goal- directedness, self-governed activity, processing of semiosis and choice of action (Tønnessen 2015: 139140).
Excerpt - example of translated journal article (p.t. 5.2):
Uexküll, Jakob von (1917). Darwin und die englische Moral. Deutsche Rundschau 173, 215–242. English translation by Morten Tønnessen as: Uexküll, Jakob von (2013). Darwin and the English morality. Biosemiotics 6, 3, 449–471.

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