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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

References to my work in co-authored manifesto article

Some of my work is referred to (p. 15) in a manifesto article which I have co-authored:

Favareau, Don, Kalevi Kull, Gerald Ostdiek, Timo Maran, Louise Westling, Paul Cobley, Frederik Stjernfelt, Myrdene Anderson, Morten Tønnessen and Wendy Wheeler 2017. How can the study of the humanities inform the study ofbiosemiotics? Biosemiotics 10(1). DOI: 10.1007/s12304-017-9287-6 (published online April 8th 2017).

The references are to:
Beever, J., & Tønnessen, M. (2013). "Darwin und die Englische moral": the moral consequences of Uexkülls umwelt theory. Biosemiotics, 6(3), 437447.
Tønnessen, M. (2003). Umwelt ethics. Sign Systems Studies, 31(1), 281299.
Tønnessen, M. (2009). Signs grow But should they? Semioethics and the dominant semiosis of Homo sapiens sapiens (= Meditationes Semioticae I). Hortus Semioticus, 4, 8184.
Tønnessen, M., & Beever, J. (2014). Beyond sentience: Biosemiotics as foundation for animal and environmental ethics. In J. Hadley & E. Aaltola (Eds.), Animal ethics and philosophy: questioning the orthodoxy (pp. 4762). London: Rowman & Littlefield International.
von Uexküll, J. (2013). Darwin and the English morality. Translation of "Darwin und die Englische moral", Deutsche Rundschau 173: 215242. (trans.) M. Tønnessen, (Ed.), J. Beever. Biosemiotics, 6(3), 449471.

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