Thursday, 10 November 2016

New title; full reference for forthcoming book "Animal Umwelten in a changing world"

The forthcoming book previously work-titled Animal Umwelts in a changing world – Semiotic studies of human-animal relations will be titled Animal Umwelten in a changing world – Zoosemiotic perspectives. Full reference:
Timo Maran, Morten Tønnessen, Kristin Armstrong Oma, Laura Kiiroja, Riin Magnus, Nelly Mäekivi, Silver Rattasepp, Paul Thibault and Kadri Tüür, forthcoming, 2016. Animal Umwelten in a changing world – Zoosemiotic perspectives (Tartu Semiotics Library 18). Edited by Timo Maran, Morten Tønnessen and Silver Rattasepp. Tartu: Tartu University Press.

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