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Monday, 15 August 2016

Reference to "Umwelt ethics" article in Cobley chapter on ethics

I am mentioned in the abstract of Paul Cobley´s chapter "Ethics cannot be voluntary", which is part of his book Cultural Implications of Biosemiotics (Biosemiotics 15; Springer 2016). 

[A]nalyses of the ontology of ethics in biosemiotics have been somewhat circumvented. Instead, articles on ethics in biosemiotics have tended to immediately jump to discussions of ethical and moral questions that might be approached in a biosemiotic frame, such as the value accorded to different inhabitants of the biosphere (Tønnessen 2003; Beever 2012).
Tønnessen 2003 is referenced as
Tønnessen M. Umwelt ethics. Sign Syst Stud. 2003;31(1):281–99.

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