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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Election of UiS rector: Why I vote blank

The election of new University of Stavanger rector and pro-rector started today. I have voted - submitting a blank vote. I think that both candidates (Marit Boyesen and Einar Marburg) are too mainstream in their reasoning about university strategy.

Einar Marnburg is a straight-talker - that is a strength - and appears to call for fresh ideas about how to organize work at the university. However, he has not provided many substantial, specific fresh ideas himself during the electoral campaign, and his envisioned university strategy is on most key points very similar to that of Marit Boyesen. Marit Boyesen, on her side, is more experienced than Marburg on broader university policy issues, and has somewhat of an advantage regarding her ability to formulate measured policy ambitions, though her statements are often quite vague and sometimes not committing enough.

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