Monday, 28 September 2015

UiS to establish RENSE, network for sustainable energy; my opinion

The University of Stavanger´s strategy for environmentally friendly energy will be treated on the UiS board meeting October 1st. The university director´s proposal (based on the recommendations of a working group) is now available online. It involves establishing a network for environmentally friendly energy, "Forskningsnettverk innen miljøvennlig (bærekraftig) energi" [Research Network in Sustainable Energy (RENSE)], with 5 research areas. With regard to funding, it implies that UiS centrally will spend about 1 million NOK per year on coordination/administration, while Faculty of Science and Technology will devote 3 PhDs and Faculty of Social Science 1 PhD to the network. The network will apply for further funding.

My opinion is that such a network, across disciplines, is a good idea. However, UiS should devote more PhDs and funding to the network - and I do not support having Carbon Capture and Storage as one of the prioritised research areas (as I do not regard CCS as sustainable in the bigger picture). 

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