Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My PhD thesis listed in Dissertationes Semioticae Universitatis Tartuensis 17

On July 1st 2013, Anu Sarv defended her doctoral thesis at University of Tartu's Institute of philosophy and semiotics. Her thesis was the first to be defended within semiotics after mine, in December 2011. Reference:
Sarv, Anu 2013. Õppejõu enese reeksioon ja professionaalne identiteet [Self-reflection and professional identity of a university teacher] (= Dissertationes Semioticae Universitatis Tartuensis 17). Tartu: Tartu University Press.
My thesis is listed at the very end of the last page, as the 16th thesis in the series:
16. Morten Tønnessen. Umwelt transition and Uexküllian phenomenology. An ecosemiotic analysis of Norwegian wolf management. Tartu, 2011. 231 p. [Introduction available online]
7 of the PhD theses in this series, published since 2000, have been written in English, 5 in Russian and 5 in Estonian.

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