Thursday, 15 May 2014

Uis debate article on oil ethics finally gaining some traction

On March 14th I published a debate article at the public debate pages of University of Stavanger entitled "Hvorfor fortier fagmiljøer ved UiS olje-etikk?" [Why do academic groups at the University of Stavanger remain silent on oil ethics?]. 

Ironically, the first reply, by Jon Skarpeid (a UiS employee), only appeared some 40 days later (!). About a week ago a second reply was posted by Per Hassel Sørensen (an R&D engineer). Sørensen writes that the University of Stavanger is ridiculed by the recent statements of Hans Borge (see criticism - in Norwegian), Head of Department at the university's Department of Petroleum Engineering. Borge basicly belives that the IPCC are fundamentally wrong and that there is no such thing as anthropogenic climate change, but has not been convincing in presenting alledged counter-facts.

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