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Friday, 20 September 2013

Video clip 'Wolf play' to be featured in Discovery documentary

Today I was contacted by October Films (London, UK) concerning a TV series they are producing for Discovery International. They have requested to make use of my video clip "Wolf play" (recorded in Polar Zoo March 2010 and currently shown some 55.000 times on YouTube), and I have granted them license to do so. I have requested the end credit (to be shown in the final credit sequence) "Morten Tønnessen (".

The documentary series is called "Deadly dilemmas" and is expected to air in Europe on Discovery Channel in early 2014.


Unknown said...

They recently contacted me as well. Do you know what the show will really be about? Assuming from the title, I'm guessing its things that could get you killed lol? Not sure.

Morten Tønnessen said...

No, I have no further info as of now. They have promised me a copy of the episode my video clip will be featured in, but I don't know whether I'll receive it before or after it's aired.