Thursday, 23 December 2010

Minding animals: Pre-Lecture Events news

I have just received the second Minding Animals pre-conference events bulletin.

The first two events have now taken place - in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and in Sydney, Australia. More info at the Pre-conference events page of MAI. No less than 30 cities are mentioned in the second bulletin as potential event locations.
The Oslo event (now scheduled for October 14-15, 2011 and enveloping one and a half day of program) is mentioned in the following fashion:
Oslo, Norway, 14 October, 2011
A one day conference examining human relationships with equines and canines:
Shared Worlds
I am further involved in what is now presented as the Fifth Event:
Fifth Event: Workshop, Sydney, Australia, 19 to 21 February, 2011
The History, Philosophy and Future of Ethology
The fifth event is an ISL-HCA funded International Collaborative Workshop with international speakers including:
Dominique Lestel (ENS, France)
· Brett Buchanan
(Laurentian, Canada)
· Gary Steiner
(Bucknell, USA)
· Jeffrey Bussolini
· Morten Tønnessen
(Tartu, Estonia)
There will also be a number of local speakers and participants. It is a small but intensive interdisciplinary workshop at the borders of animal behaviour science, the ecological humanities and Continental philosophy, under the auspices of the Macquarie University Animals and Society Working Group within the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion. Though space is limited, if you are working in the history and philosophy of ethology and would like to participate, please contact Matthew Chrulew at:
Please note that a public lecture is also being planned; details of which may also be obtained by contacting Matthew.

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