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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Minding Animals International (MAI)

I have gotten in touch with Minding Animals International, the people behind the 2009 Newcastle/Australia conference and the forthcoming 2012 conference in the same series to be arranged in Utrecht. Concretely, I have been added to the MA Email Network.
MAI aims to promote integration/development of contact between researchers in the field of animal studies on one hand and advocacy groups promoting environmentalism, animal rigths etc. on the other. Importantly, their vision is to support attempts to integrate the environmental movement and animal rights groups - though MAI's work is in the main theoretical/scholarly. A crucial task!
You'll find their Objectives & Principles here. Except for a few bizarre ideas, such as the topic of "Animals and the Queer Communities" (no offence to either party), it's all good.

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