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Monday, 13 October 2008

Teleology in the Life Sciences

Me and some other Tartu biosemioticians are about to join an application for the research project ´Teleology in the Life sciences´ (2010-2014). We are thus joining an initiative from The History of Science Department of the University of Bari (Italy), aimed at an ESF (European Science Foundation) Research Networking Programme.

The project aims at ´investigating the wide literature concerning ... teleology in the life sciences produced in the last centuries in Europe´, by way of establishing ´a real interdisciplinary “observatory”, between history/philosophy of biology and the life sciences´.

Constituting an Estonian national research group in the project, we will (if successful) be obliged to organize and manage at least one meeting for the duration of the project, and attend at least three science meetings organized by groups of other countries.


Anonymous said...

This is a beatiful project, I am sure that the academic profile of people at Schumacher college in the UK, would interest you. Teleology was and is a main point for Gaian Scientists, like J. Lovelock, L. Margulis, B. Goodwin or S. Harding.

I have completed my MSc in Holistic Science in this institution.

This is my personal page.

Best wishes, and thank you for your amazing work.

Morten Tønnessen said...

Hi, Sebastian! I saw your online essay from Schumacher college were you refer to my article ´Umwelt ethics´ some time ago. Nice piece. And actually, I´ve been to Schumacher college, twice - first on a one-week course on Gaia theory, and then, for three months, as a volunteer... This is already some time ago, but I´ve always hoped to go back there, when there is an occasion for it. Stephan is a great guy, knowledgeable on deep ecology as well as Gaia theory etc.

What are you doing know?